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My name is VJ and I am a web designer and internet marketer with 15 years of experience in the industry. My focus in on small and mid-sized businesses. If you are a small/mid-sized business, you will find a lot of useful resources on this site. I am based out of Jersey City, New Jersey but my current client base is all over New York and New Jersey with concentration in New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx), Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, Union City, Newark and the surrounding area.

Let's start with some basic questions.

How much does a website cost?

 There is no standard price for a website. The price for your website will depend on the following:

a. The type of website you want.
An e-commerce (shopping) website will cost more than a simple vanity site.
A website that requires custom programming could cost more than an e-commerce site.

b. Your web designer.
That's right. Different web designers charge differently.
Obviously, a more experienced web designer with more years of experience will charge more than a beginner web designer. A web designer in New York city is also likely to charge higher than a web designer in Bayonne, New Jersey.
The larger web develpment firms will also charge a higher fee.
NOTE: A larger web development company does not necessarily do a better job than a freelancer like myself.
I have personally done sites for several large web development firms. As an example, a large web company might charge $8,000 for an e-commerce site. This company passes the work to me and I do the work for $3,000. In fact, a lot of large web design companies hire web designers with only a few years of experience to keep the cost down. Whenever, they need a more experienced developer they contact guys like myself with over a decade of experience.

So, bottomline, there is no standard price for the website you want.
Regardless, I have setup a baseline pricing to give you a general idea.
Checkout our website prices page.

Why get a website from me?
There are thousands of web designers out there. Why choose me?
Here is why. My prices are usually lesser than that of most other web designers for the experience I have.
There are different levels of expertise in the web development industry. There are student web designers who have just finished their web design course and there are professional web developers who have been involved in web development for number of years.
I have been developing websites for over 16 years now. Most of the work was for major financial and pharmaceutical firms.
Most big, prestigious web design firms don't have web developers with 16 years of experience.

So here are the differences between me and big web design firms.

1. Pricing:
I work out of my home office in Jersey City. So my overhead cost is a lot lesser and therefore my fee is a lot more affordable.
Big web design firms have bigger offices and more employees. This means more expenses like office rent , receptionist expenses and more. That's why big web design firms will charge you more money. It's not necessarily because big web design firms can do a better job than a freelancer like myself.
Check our web design pricing page.

2. Experience:
I have over 18 years of experience developing websites and marketing them. I am considered a senior web developer.
Most web design firms will have one or two senior web developers and a bunch of college students and part time newbie web designers with one year of experience. Unless you are willing to spend big bucks for your site ( like over $10,000 ), your site is going to be done be the college student with 1 year of experience.

3. Marketing:
I have a solid internet marketing knowledge and experience. In fact, bringing visitors to your site is one of my biggest strength. Afterall, isn't that what websites are for? I see this as one of the biggest reasons why I might be suitable over many other web design firms.
Most web designers (including highly technical ones) have lesser experience in marketing.

4. Friendship:
I am a very easy going and friendly person. Most of my clients are friends now.
So why is this important? 
If you are a small or mid-sized business, you probably don't have a techie person on staff. You might even be a one person operation. In your situation it helps a lot to have a techie like myself as a friend. My clients from 5 years ago still call me with computer related but not web site related questions.
Try calling a big web design company about your printer problems.

Big web design firms have called me to do their work at times. They might be getting $8,000 from a customer. I do all the work and get $3,000 for the job.
I have done quite a lot of sites like this that I cannot claim as my work.
It's called farming out. Web design firms do this when they are extrmely busy or when their staff do not have the technical knowledge for the project.

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