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Simple Web Sites

I do all types of website including simple websites.

What is a simple website?
A simple website is one that has 5 to 10 pages and does not need any complex functionality.
A simple website does not mean unprofessional or bad design. From a programmers perspective, a simple website will not require a lot of coding. A simple website will also probably not change much over time.

The biggest advantage to having a simple website is the price. A simple website costs the least of all types of sites.

I can do a simple site that consists of up to 10 pages for $800.
The site will be professionally done and will have search engine friendly URL.
(Check the article Steps to getting your website) sildenafil india.

You will need to pay for the domain name and hosting.
By the way, if any web designer tells you that they will pay for your domain name and hosting https://francepharmacie......please, please, please do not accept the offer. YOU should own and control your domain name and hosting. If the web designer pays for it then he/she owns the domain and hosting.

How much does a simple website cost?
I charge $800 on average for most 5 to 10 page static sites.
See the Web Design Prices page for other prices. 

 How long does it take to finish a simple website?

Most of the simple sites I have done take me two weeks to finish.
If I work all day long I can probably finish it in one day. However, I am usually working with a number of clients at a moment. So I will need to divide the work. On top of that, you yourself might like to provide feedback and prepare more content as the site develops.

Here are some more common questions around simple websites.

Can you add more pages to a simple website?
Yes, but you will need help of a web designer or you will need to learn web designing yourself.

Can I put a few products for sale on a simple website?
No you cannot. A site that can take payment form online customer for products purchased using credit card or Paypal or some other payment method is called an e-commerce site.
You can get more details about e-commerce web designing here.


I am sure you have more questions than I have answered here.

Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 646-234-6253 and ask for VJ.



If you know you will be getting a site but have not decided when then I would highy suggest you to get at least the domain name.
Good domain names are snatched up very quickly. What's available today could be gone by tomorrow.
A domain costs $10 for the whole year and you can purchase it online anytime 24/7.
Buy your domain name right now. Dont' wait till tomorrow. 
I have bought over 7,000 domain names in my lifetime. I have a solid knowledge of the industry. 
Here is an article on choosing a good domain name

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