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When I say New York City, I am referring to the island of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn . According to US Small Business Administration, NYC ranks #2 in number of small businesses only behind Los Angeles. Here is an image that shows the figures.

Out of these businesses at lease 10% could do better with a "proper" web presence. When I say proper I mean not just a quick and dirty website but a website that is marketted well. Unfortunately, only a very very very very very small number of small businesses in NYC really understand what proper web presence is.

According to Eat This New York, a documentary about running a restaurant business in New York City, around a thousand restaurants open in the city every year and about 800 of them go out of business within the next 5 years. That's some scary statistics.

The numbers, I believe, are very similar in other business categories as well.

Businesses fail for many reasons. A restaurant, for instance, could fail for reasons like bad location, bad food etc.
However, there are businesses that are failing even with everything done correctly on their brick-and-mortar end.
I sincerely believe that they could save their business with some online effort.


So why aren't the small businesses getting a website?
...because most business owners don't know where to get started.
...because most business owners don't know how a website could help.
...because most business owners know of someone else (or perhaps themselves) who has a website that does not bring in any business. 
...because this whole "get a website" sounds too confusing with too many different prices and too many confusing explanations for different web designers.

If you are a small business in New York City and are thinking of using internet to drive sales then I congratulate you. You are already a step ahead of most of your competitors.
However, just getting a website is not enough. You need to market the website also. 

So what should a small business do to help their business through internet?
What you need to do is basically two things but it's the details that will make the difference.

Here is what you need to do.
1. Get a website built by a techie who has a heavy experience with internet marketing http://pharmac....ordonnance.
Let me emphasize the important bit in that sentence. "...who has a heavy experience with internet marketing"
Let me emphasize the important bit in that phrase . "...a heavy experience"

2. Conduct a proper online campaign.
SEO, PPC and SMM to get started.

Here is the interesting part.
#1 (building a website) is not that important if it's a standard website.
#2 is very important.

NOTE: By simple website I mean a simple website or an e-commerce site.
BUT most businesses end up focussing all their energy on the website and nothing on the marketing.

How do I know?
16+ years of experience.
Too much money, time and effort is spent on getting the website to look just right.
Too little effort, money and time if anything is spent on marketing.

My advise to all New York City small and mid-sized businesses is this.
Try to really understand how a website will help your business.
Learn the basics of online marketing.
Check out my articles on online marketing here. Also read about various marketing techniques here.
Then contact a bunch of web designers/internet marketers around New York City.

If you have questions please feel free to write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just call me at 646-234-6253.
I don't charge anything for answering your questions or making suggestions.




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