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Web Designer Prices

How much do you charge for a website?
This is the question I get asked by everyone. Unfortunately, I cannot (no web designer can) give you a price until you prove the details of what you want on your site.
Is it a simple 5 page site that shows your location and talks a little bit about your business?
Is it a 5 page site with fancy Flash animations? By the way, I would strongly advise you against Flash.
Is it a Social Networking site that has forums, blogs, photo uploads, membership system, video uploads and more?
Is it an e-commerce site where you can sell products online?

Bottomline there is no 1-fixed-price I charge.

I have done a website for $150 and another for over $75,000.
The $75,000 was an accumulation of payments over multiple years. It included payments on my other services including full marketing.
Can businesses justify that big of a payment?
Again, this was not a single payment but yes. I have many clients (small businesses) that do over $500,000 in profit every month.

Regardless, I will provide some standard base prices to give you a general idea.

Type of Site Base Price Details
Simple 5 to 10 page Static Site $800 Details
Custom Database Driven Site $3,000 and up


E-commerce Site $3,000 and up


Social Networking Site $5,000 and up


Marketing Call 646-234-6253



Please note that most web designers changes their prices slightly according to how busy they are. I do the same.

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