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Mobile Responsive Website Design

Google recently made it official that mobile responsiveness will be a major factor in ranking websites.

There is a a ton of other sites explaiing this.

So what does this mean?
It basically means that if your site is not mobile responsive you could lose your Google ranking.

Checkout the "Mobilegeddon" news on CNN.



Let’s discuss this further.

You will hear this term stated in many different ways…mobile responsive, mobile friendly, mobile site, responsive site etc. They all mean the same thing , although a mobile site could mean something slightly different from a mobile friendly site (technically speaking). For this article, however, we will stick to the most commonly understood meaning.

If a website is mobile responsive it will be viewable “correctly” on smart phones…particularly Android phones and iPhones. It will be correctly viewable on tablets (including ipads) as well.
Please note that I did not just say “viewable” on smart phones. I said “correctly viewable” on smart phones. You see…almost all sites are viewable on mobile phone.
Look at the images below to see what a site that is not mobile friendly looks like on a regular computer or laptop monitor and on a smart phone.

Mobile Responsive Website

Could you order from the non-responsive Papa John's site from your mobile phone?
Even if you could, would you?


As you can see…the non-responsive site IS viewable on a mobile phone but it’s not "correctly viewable".
You will notice two main issues.
1. The text are too small to be eligible.
In fact, the links are so small, you cannot event touch click them easily.
2. You cannot see the site completely without scrolling to the right.
Scrolling down is fine but you should not make your visitors scroll to the right.

Now, look the following screenshot of a mobile friendly site.

Responsive Website

Notice neither of the 2 main problems mentioned above are an issue here.

So now that you understand what mobile friendly site is, you need to know why it has become so much more important now.
If you have a web site that is not mobile friendly or not mobile responsive, you will face the following issues.

Google will not rank you any more.
Google has already officially stated this.
They are not doing this just because they feel like. Google is a very smart company that does a lot of market research before they take drastic action like this. Google has learned that the mobile searches on Google has surpassed the searches on regular computers and laptops.

Mobile vs Desktop Searches

This is even truer for local businesses web sites.
What is a local business?
A local business is one that wants to target local customer base (not US wide or international). is not local. You can be in California or New York or New Jersey or anywhere in the world to purchase from Amazon.
A doctor’s site in Jersey City, New Jersey is a local business.
The doctor is very unlikely to get a patient from Brooklyn, New York come to his/her clinic.
A dentist in New York City is a local business. A general contractor in Newark, NJ is a local business. A law firm in Union City, NJ is a local business. A towing company, a computer repair shop, an accountant, an auto mechanic, an auto dealership, a taxi and limo business etc are all local businesses.

Question: What electronic device do most people Google these local businesses on ?
Answer: Mobile phones.

The percentage of people searching on mobile phone is only going up.
By the way, this is true for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo as well.
Google has over 80% search domination. So we will stick with Google here.

So if you are getting a brand new site should you consider making it mobile friendly?
Absolutely. I would say, don’t even get a site if it’s not going to be mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly site will cost more than a non-mobile friendly site.
Can you start with a site that is not mobile friendly and then convert it to mobile friendly later?
Yes. But it is not a good idea for a number of reasons. The most obvious, in my personal opinion is the fact that you will most likely never make it mobile friendly in the future. Besides that, the price is probably going to be higher if you do it later than if you start off with a mobile responsive site.

How much more will it cost if you get a mobile friendly site vs non-mobile friendly site?
Every web designer charges differently. I have detailed how web designers charge {link} in this article.
The price also depend on the type of site.

Here are my personal rough estimates on the base prices.
Please note that the base prices are the starting price. Based on the various custom needs the prices are likely to be higher.
Non mobile responsive simple site: $500
Responsive simple site: $800
Non-mobile-responsive CMS site: $1500
Responsive CMS site: $2000

Non-mobile-responsive ecommerce site: $3000
Responsive ecommerce site: $4000

Non-mobile-responsive social networking site: $4000
Responsive ecommerce site: $5000

If you start with a non-responsive site and then decide to turn it into a responsive site, you will see the prices are a lot higher. This goes for everyone who already have a site that is non-mobile responsive.


So, what if you already have a site that is not mobile friendly and now you want to convert it into a mobile friendly site?
First of all, the prices are going to be higher than for sites that are being built from scratch.
There will a number of things to consider.
For instance, if you have a site that was built using a well known opensource script like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc, then it will probably be a lot easier to make the site responsive. However, you will probably need to sacrifice a lot of design and layouts that you already have.
You will need to understand that not all website designs and layouts are mobile friendly. The simpler the design and layout the easier it is to be mobile friendly.

Most websites owner are go crazy with the need for a perfect looking website. Most website owners get hung over the colors and layout and the graphics on the site. I have over 18 years of experience in building and marketing sites. I have seen clients make millions and others make nothing.

The difference between the site owners who make it and the ones who don’t is pretty simple.
I tell this to all my clients. Some will remember and some won’t.
Please, please repeat this mantra.
A success of a site is 90% marketing and 10% content.
It has almost nothing to do with the layout of the site, the color of the site or the beautiful graphics on the site.
It is an extremely difficult concept to grasp but it is the truth.



Here is how you succeed on the web.

A. A simple clean design.

Don’t, don’t, don’t spend more than 2 minutes deciding on the colors and graphics.
I know you don’t agree but I have to tell you the truth. 

B. A lot of content.
If you are selling products, then the prices and tons of information about your product is what you need.
By the way, here the images are also important…. I mean the product images …not some generic background color.

C. Heavy marketing.
Without this everything else is useless.
This is 90% of your success. Most people worry about this 1 % of the time. Very unfortunate. 

Ranking on Google should be the #1 marketing method.
Google made it clear.
Google needs your site to be mobile friendly.


My consultations are absolutely free.
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I have over 18 years of experience in web development and internet marketing. I am what you call a senior freelance developer. Big web design firms sub-contract their work to me all the time. I also do contract work for larger firms like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase.
I am the guy who gets called when developers with a decade of experience cannot fix the problem.
Yet, my prices are the much lower than that of most developers.

I am available anytime (including weekends) by phone, email and text.
Here you go.


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