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Choosing Good Domain Name

What is a domain name? ,, are all domain names.
You need a domain name for your website.

Why is it important to get your domain name right away (as in today, right now)?
Millions of domains are registered by people all over the world every single day.
It's very likely that the domain you want are already taken.
Even if you are not going to get started with the site this month or next month or even next the domain today. 
Buy the domain now!
It costs $10 for the whole year.
Get the domain name now.
Get your domain name now or someone else might take it.

Should I buy more than one domain name?
If you are serious about your web site then buy multiple domains.
If you are not serious about your website then don't even buy a domain.
If you own a domain called, then go ahead and buy and and
You could also go a step further and purchase and, but this is not necessary unless you believe you have some serious competitors and you are willing to fight back.

There is a thing called cybersquatting on the internet. Here is an example of what cybersquatting is.
If there is a big limousine company in New York city called 5 Star Limo and their domain is  (I made up the name by the way).
Let's say everyone knows about 5 Star Limos.
A smaller competitor could get a domain like or or or a number of other varieties.
It is very easy to fool a unsuspecting customers by taking them into
The customer might not remember that the 5 Star Limo company's domain is
So a smaller company can ride on the brand recognition of a bigger well know company.

Where do I buy domain names?
Domain can be bought online anytime 24/7 on websites called Domain Registrars.
There are a lot of domain registrars. The ones I have prefered are and
Basically, you search for the domain names you want to purchase and buy the ones you want. During the purchase process you will be asked to create login information (username and password) at the Domain Registrar. It's like signing up as a member in Facebook or creating a hotmail email.
Once you have a username and password you can login and purchase more domains in the future under that account.

IMPORTANT: The Domain Registrars do ask all kinds of questions that might confuse you if you are new to buying a domain name. They might ask you if you want emails setup or if you need hosting etc. Basically, the Domain Registrar is trying to upsell you. All you need to do right now is to buy the domain for around $10.

Finally, the main topic of this article.
How do I choose a good domain name?

Here are my suggestions.

#1. Domain Name TLD:
Always buy a .com as your main domain.
Let's say your business is called Hoboken Florist. See if you can buy
If not try
BUT DO NOT go for or or or some other TLD besides .com for you main domain name.
You can buy as your secondary domain name (See "Should I buy more than one domain name?" above)

#2. Easy to Remember Name:
Which is easier to remember? or or
Of course, is the easiest to remember but it's already taken. is the worst name to take even if that is your firm's name.
Your domain name does not need to be your company name.
Go for an easier to remember name.
Go for an easier to spell name.

Here is an easy way to test and see if a domain name is easy to remember or not.
Tell your friend about the domain you were thinking of. Then call him an hour later and see if he/she still remembers the name. Call your friend the next day to see if he/she still remembers the name.

It's difficult to find a good domain names these days.
That's why you need to buy a domain name right away.
Tomorrow it's going to be more difficult.
One week later the ones that were available today might be taken up by someone else.

#3. Use prefix and suffix:
If is taken go for or or etc.

#4. Unique Brandable Name:
Now this one is completely different from the above.
If you are thinking of branding your domain name in the long run then go with a vanity brandable name.
A unique brandable name might not even mean anything in any language, but it has to easy to spell and short and catchy.
Here is a unique brandable are some more
Some of the above are real words but certainly not commonly used words.
If was called, would you have liked it?, the domain name of this site is an example of a brandable site.


Don't wait till tomorrow.
Get it done!
You can get your website started a year later but get your domain today.

If you are new to buying a domain name give me a call and I will step you through the buying process over the phone.
I won't charge you a penny.
Here is my cell # - 646-234-6253
Here is my email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
My name is VJ and you can call me anytime. 


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