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Our Services

We see websites as more than a technology. We see it as a business.

You are getting a website to bring in more business right?

If so then please listen very carefully. If you are a small or mid-sized business and do not have a website (or do have a website that does not bring in enough customers) then you probably have a very very very wrong notion of what a website should be.
We are trying to criticize. We are trying to educate.

Here is what most small to midsized businesses want.
"Nice and professional looking website with some flash."

Guess what. The focus is totally wrong right from the beginning.

Here is the truth.
99% of your success lies in content and marketing.
1% of your success depends on the design of your site.

Let's repeat that in bolder bigger fonts.

99% of your success depends on content and marketing.

1% of your success depends on the design of your site.



So here is our service.

A professional userfriendly and search engine friendly website that can handle unlimited content and a ton of consultation on marketing.

Here is a more technical break-down if that's what you were thinking of.

Types of sites we do:

Simple sites:
Simple 5 to 10 page static sites.

E-commerce sites:
You can sell products/services online.

Social Networking sites:
Like Facebook, LinkedIn, forum etc. websites.

Custom Content sites:
It could be anything but not simple, e-commerce or social networking.



Types of marketing we do:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
Ranking high organically for long lasting impact.
The ROI (Return On Investment) is the highest among the various marketing methods.

PPC (Pay Per Click):
eg, Google Adwords.
Getting immediate traffic by paying for every visitor to your site.
The basics of PPC is easy to learn. Yes, you can do this yourself.
However, if you are in a fairly competitive industry then you need to know a lot more than the basics.
Do these terms mean anything to you?
A/B testing, CPC, Quality Score, Exact match vs. Broad match, Content Network, analytics.
If not then you need to know what they mean and let someone with experience handle PPC campaigns for you.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):
eg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
SMM is vast and rather time consuming, but it's fun and creative.
SMM can already bring you a good deal of targetted demographics but it could eventually be the future of marketing.

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