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Social Media Marketing

December 2011, Louis CK (a well known comedian) created a comedy video show and distributed it on the web for $5. The show went on sale on Dec 10 2011. 50,000 sold in one day.
Here is the story from Fred Wilson, a VC and principal of Union Square.

Basically, Louis CK cut off the network (the middle man) and went straight to the consumers.

There are many reasons he was so successful in this experiment. But there is one big reason to make this a reality.
Social Media. Without social media, spreading words this quickly and to this large an audience  would have been impossible in the past.

If you have something interesting to say you can spread the words to quite a large audience in a very short timeframe.
A regular Facebook user can reach around 200 people.
A person with a decent knowledge and experience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr etc can reach millions within days.

This is the power of social media.

Check out this 3 minute video on Social Media and the power of consumers.



When Facebook, Twitter and blogging were new most businesses looked down on them as a waste of time or toys for kids and geeks.
Today the story is completely different. We have large companies to Presidents using the power of social media. Yes there is a department in White House that deals with Facebook marketing. Yes, Wall St. firms to Main St. pop and mom store are using social media to reach consumers.

Let's talk about Facebook in particular as it's the biggest, the most powerful and probably the most disliked by professionals.
I still hear a lot of businesses (particularly service oriented ones run by professionals like doctors and lawyers) talk about Facebook as a waste of time. Here are the responses I have heard. "I still think Facebook is not mature enough."..."I am just too busy to be playng around on Facebook."..."Using Facebook just feels too unprofessional."
It's true that a lot of stuff on Facebook is childish. Most professionals don't care much about what you ate for dinner. However, with more professionals and businesses entering the Facbeook arena, the things are changing rapidly. I have professional friends who are posting business & profession related stuff all the time on Facebook. Journalists and professional bloggers are using Facebook Like to publish their articles on Facebook newsfeed.

Reauters, Wall Street Journal, White House, Pfizer, NASDAQ, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, CNN, Harvard University, Dr. Michio Kaku, Obama, eBay and many other well known companies, figures and organizations are on Facebook https://vaig..cialis/. Many use Facebook Like and/or Facebook share on your websites.

Times have changed and and changing even more.
I understand all the push back. I am a professional too. I hate the same things you hate about Facebook. I  also don't have enough time in a day.
I still think you should try Facebook as a marketing platform.


 Let's check out some interesting stats on social media.

If you are serious about your business on a long term then take Social Media seriously.
You might be a highly educated individual who finds nothing interesting/useful on Facebook. I understand how you feel.
As long as your customers hang out on Facebook, it makes sense to have your business presence on Facebook (unless you don't take your business seriously).


So what is  Social Media Marketing?
It's reaching out to your consumers through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and more.

How can I reach them through social media?
First you create you presence by creating a page which the social media websites.
Create a Facebook page, a Google + page for businesses, a Twitter page, a LinkedIn page, a Youtube channel etc.
Then use various other marketing methods (online and offline) to push visitors to your pages.
Note that Facebook and LinkedIn have  a pretty solid advertising platform. You can target your audience by age, interests and geographic locations.

How much do you charge for Social Media Marketing?
My charges depend on a number of things. What are the methods you want to market through? Facebook only, LinkedIn only, Twitter only or a mix of several? Also how actively can you be involved in the content creation and management. I can help but if I have to do everything then the charges wil be higher.
The optimal way to do marketing on social media is for me to provide an ongiong consultation/suggestion and do the technical stuff while you focus on creating useful/entertaining posts to capture the hearts and minds of your visitors (read potential customers).
If you are new to the whole thing, I would suggest starting off with Facebook only. My charges will be an onging monthly charge that includes tecnhical work and consultation. My charges could be anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per month depending on the activities you are interested in.

Please note that there is quite a lot of things you can do on Facebook alone. I can explain everything in more detail over the phone or in person.
Here is my number 646-2334-6253. Please ask for VJ.

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